AspDotNetStorefront Dealer Locator

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Add-On can be used for various purposes like: Dealer / Distributor / Supplier Locator or even Showing Routes of a Home Delivery Van.

  • Asks Users for the zip code of a location and returns the dealers / suppliers within a defined radius
  • Facility to define radius yourself
  • Google Map zoomed to that specific location is shown on click of View Map.
  • Facility to search suppliers for a specific product range or brand.
  • Facility to Map Suppliers to Product Categories/Departments, so as only the Suppliers which sell a specific product range are shown when search is done for the suppliers/dealers of a particular product.
  • Facility to create/import your own Distributor Database .
  • Facility to show pictures of a supplier/dealer/store on the click of a dealer location.
  • Optional enhancement to show routes as well.

Dealer Locator AspDotNetStorefront Add-On

Dealer Locator Sample

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